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2022 Conference Sponsors

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Healing Breaths is dedicated to serving healthcare professionals by providing research-backed tools and techniques to reduce stress, enhance energy, improve resilience, and avoid burnout.


Healing Breaths is a division of the Art of Living Foundation, a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization operating in over 150 countries.

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The drive for digitalization improves workflow efficiency, enhances the accuracy of communications, mitigates risk, and upgrades patient experience. 


However, some aspects of patient/clinician communication in hospitals still rely on manually updated whiteboards and door information cards, increasing the workload of nurses and clinicians, and increasing the risk of errors, or outdated information. 


There is a new solution coming to market in the United States that allows hospitals to bring digital signage into the 21st century, without taking a step back with light pollution: Signs made with E Ink Digital Paper instead of typical TV screen LCD technology. Unlike LCD, screens made with digital paper do not emit light, allowing patients to have uninterrupted sleep.

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