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2022 Speaker Profile

Peter Yellowlees Headshot
Peter Yellowlees, MD

Peter Yellowlees, MD is Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Chief Wellness Officer at UC Davis Health. He holds the Alan Stoudemire Endowed Chair in Psychiatry and has conducted research in the areas of psychiatry, telemedicine and physician health. He has written over 250 academic papers and book chapters and 7 books, as well as over 180 video editorials on psychiatry for Medscape. He is regularly invited to present lectures nationally and internationally and is often featured in the media.

Monday | 3:20 PM -4:00 PM

Accelerated Change – How Covid-19 and Technological Innovations are Leading to Improved Physician Well-being

The doctor-patient relationship has been dramatically altered by the Covid-19 pandemic, with an increased focus on hybrid technologically enabled care leading to more flexible distributed relationships with patients, increasingly focused on their homes.

This more patient-centered approach to care, with increased convenience and choices for patients, is also leading to improved physician well-being as physicians increasingly integrate both their work and their home lives in positive ways.

  • Understand the mental health impact of Covid-19 on physicians

  • Be aware of patient centered telehealth innovations, especially asynchronous approaches

  • Discover how novel methods of hybrid care will improve physician well-being

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