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2022 Speaker Profile

Michael Harper headshot
Michael Harper, President and Chief of Radical Experiences, MOFI

Michael Harper, president and chief of radical experiences for MOFI, is on a personal mission to eradicate boring experiences from the planet. Believing in the life-changing power of discovery, he constructs highly-creative and ridiculously-interactive program experiences that matter. 


As a healthcare disruptor and leader of MOFI’s experience SWAT team, Michael challenges anyone who will listen to never be satisfied with the status quo, take things up a notch, and leave their mild salsa at home. He’s fed up with the ridiculousness of the current healthcare system and believes with every ounce of his being that change can come if the right people unite their superpowers around the right problems and think boldly about new ways of caring for people.


With a master’s degree in teaching, Michael has over twenty-five years of experience facilitating groups, designing programs, editing curriculum, and empowering people, teams, and organizations to achieve their goals. He’s an in-demand speaker, writer, facilitator, and seminar leader and a contributing author to the anthology, Cultivating Culture. 

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