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2022 Speaker Profile

Julie Baker headshot
Julie Baker, Health Literacy Communications Trainer & Practitioner

Julie N. Baker is a health literacy practitioner, consultant, and trainer.  Her primary focus is to close the gap between what and how healthcare providers, organizations, and program designers communicate and what patients, employees, and the public actually understand and can use.

Julie is committed to the proposition that plain language plays a vital role in patient safety, patient satisfaction, and outcomes and contributes directly to the ultimate strategic success of healthcare systems.

Along with presenting overviews regarding the health literacy crisis, Julie trains healthcare providers and program designers in creating patient-friendly information.  She also assists organizations in modifying their current information, such as discharge instructions and after-visit summaries, so the information meets plain language standards.

Julie’s approach and methods are based on over 27 years of hands-on experience in health literacy and workplace literacy, along with her degrees in education and learning disabilities.

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