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2022 Speaker Profile

Jeremy Segall Headshot
Jeremy Segall, MA, RDT, LCAT

Jeremy Segall, MA, RDT, LCAT is the System Chief Wellness Officer at NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest public healthcare system in the nation. As Chief Wellness Officer he oversees wellness from multiple angles including enterprise wellness via system-wide performance improvement, staff wellness via response efforts, and patient wellness via engagement strategy. He governs strategic priority quality improvement projects across the system’s eleven acute care hospitals. 

He oversaw transformation to achieve requirements for the Value-Based Payment Quality Improvement Program, attaining 100% of the $300M incentivized repayment opportunities for the safety net system. He oversees the system’s wellness programming, person-centered certification, and care experience portfolio consisting of the enterprise's customer service values. 

He was the coordinator of the Healing Education Resilience and Opportunity for New York’s Frontline Workforce (HERO-NY) Taskforce bringing together the US Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, USUHS, DOHMH, and FDNY to create a training series addressing trauma, stress, and resilience to be adapted for civilian audiences. The HERO-NY training is now spreading to five continents and over 22 countries. 

A Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in private practice as an executive coach for the past fifteen years. He has been faculty at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Weitzman Institute, SUNY Downstate, and the Healthcare Association of New York State’s Quality Bootcamp and Residency programs. An Extended DISC professional, Lean Management facilitator, TeamSTEPPS Advanced Master Trainer, he has won international workplace wellness awards and has published multiple articles on wellness.

Monday | 1:00 PM -1:40 PM

Organizational Well-being: Enhancing Internal & External Resilience that Supports a Culture of Workforce Wellness

This engaging experiential and didactic presentation will provide an understanding of resiliency and holistic well-being as it relates to the psychosocial stressors of the workplace.

This opening presentation seeks to explore stress reduction and coping tools for both at work and home. Establishing understanding of response to stressful situations while focusing on eight dimensions of well-being, this presentation also identifies when coping is healthy versus unhealthy, and when additional help is necessary. Realize steps to assess and alleviate your own stress in the moment, as well as ways to support colleagues.

Learn why wellness should be a strategic priority and what the benefits are. Discover how you can get involved and begin to transform the psychological safety culture of your workplace by starting from within, and understand how to be an advocate for change to hardwire resiliency across your organization.

  • Understand the crucial link between workforce wellness, quality, patient safety, and sustained well-being both personally and professionally

  • Deploy the Helping Healers Heal (H3) framework to develop a holistic workforce wellness culture for you and your team

  • Apply learning about the current challenges and climate that impacts workforce wellness and how to leverage the 8 dimensions of wellness to foster a supportive approach and work environment

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