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2022 Speaker Profile

Carole Stockmeier Headshot
Carole Stockmeier, Senior Vice President, Safety & Reliability Solutions, Press Ganey

Carole Stockmeier joined Press Ganey in 2015. She is the Senior Vice President of Safety & Reliability Solutions with a focus on developing and integrating methods and solutions to help healthcare organizations optimize safety and performance excellence.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in safety science and high-reliability organizing, Carole was a founder and Chief Operating Officer of HPI (Healthcare Performance Improvement). She has coached healthcare leaders in comprehensive safety and reliability culture transformation resulting in recognized and published outcomes in safety and return on investment. Prior to the formation of HPI, she served as the Director of Safety and Performance Excellence at Sentara Healthcare, a 2005 recipient of the John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Award.

Carole led the earliest applications of reliability leadership methods now practiced widely in healthcare, including messaging on mission, daily safety check-in, safety issue prioritization and solving, and rounding to influence. She was a developer of the HPI SEC© & SSER© Patient Safety Measurement System for Healthcare as well as Focus & SimplifySM methodology for human factors integration in work process and protocol development. With a philosophy of “all share, all learn”, Carole was a founding convener and strategic leader of the HPI Safety Summit, a highly regarded gathering for organizations engaged in safety and high-reliability organizing.

Carole is an editor and contributing author of Zero Harm: How to Achieve Zero Harm in Patient and Workforce Safety and a faculty member of the HPI Press Ganey PSO High-Reliability Learning Series. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Policy and Administration from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a Master of Health Administration from the Medical College of Virginia.

Monday | 1:40 PM - 2:20 PM

Creating a Resilient Culture: Building the Muscle

Jessica Dudley, MD and Carole Stockmeier, Senior Vice President, Safety & Reliability Solutions, Press Ganey

Healthcare workers have been tested like never before. Organizations are responding with programs and resources to support individuals. These are necessary but not sufficient. Leveraging the principles of safety and high-reliability organizing, organizations can provide the foundation for an organizational culture of reliability and resilience.

Building the “resilience muscle” will enable organizations to innovate faster and accelerate safety, quality, experience, and engagement efforts, including during times of crisis.

  • Understand reliability as a competency that serves as a potentiator for performance and resilience

  • Share new findings from Press Ganey national workforce database regarding the relationship of strong foundations in high reliability and organizational goals of quality, safety and workforce engagement

  • Explore the differentiated perspective of a high-reliability leader in times of crisis and understand what is different about how they think and how they act.

  • Discuss strategic solutions that organizations can use to create a more resilient culture for individuals, teams, and the overall organization

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