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2022 Speaker Profile

Aileen Kantor Headshot
Aileen Kantor, Ma.Ed, MBA, VP of Innovation Health Literacy Innovations

Aileen Kantor is the founder and chief business strategist for Health Literacy Innovations (HLI), a company created to reduce medical mistakes, unnecessary health care costs, and poor health outcomes from low health literacy.

HLI's flagship product, the Health Literacy Advisor™ (HLA) (in Spanish--Asesor de Comunicación en Salud™), a state-of-the-art interactive health literacy software tool available in multiple languages and platforms, helps communicators to simplify complicated health information.

As a leader in the health literacy field, Kantor has not only helped to scale HLI from its infancy, raised the visibility of low health literacy as a dangerous public health issue, was instrumental in creating health literacy standards for accrediting organizations, but continues to forge new goals and standards for health literacy as a crucial and fundamental part of patient engagement.

When not pursuing her passion to improve the business of health care, improving health communications, & patient engagement, Kantor is training for open-water swims.

Monday | 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Workshop B
A Blueprint for Effective Design-led Communications

Communicating effectively with patients can be improved through clear and thoughtful design. From labels on prescriptions, to brochures using large iconography, to simple, less cluttered websites, design-led communications can help medical providers communicate better and lower their rate of misinterpretations of medication, doses, usage and other important information that can get lost in the clutter of bad design.

This workshop will lead you through the process of assessing your current assets, print and digital, and how to execute effective design-led communications.

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